"Tropical Birds" Original Artwork By Elizabeth Parker

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My work focuses on the embracement of life, and ranges from the study of nature to its abstraction. Even in pieces which don't seem to represent anything, nature provides me with abundant shape and movement, in-particular the suns light and it's play on everything under it, to inspire me.My work is lighthearted, yet engaging, encouraging the viewer's imagination, inviting them to ascribe their own personal meaning to a work and to superimpose themselves where the story of myself is originally expressed. The works strength is in it's emotion, something which is easily received regardless of the viewers background, culture, or any other thing which may set us apart. I consider my entire body of work to be a self portrait of my soul, though some pieces hold special meaning for me. Each work is an expression of the innermost being. Pieces that have no resemblance to me or contain no human figures at all are often truly self portraits.About the artist:Born an artist, I have had the need to express myself through the act of creating from my earliest memories to today. I consider myself primarily self taught, though as a child and teen I took classes at the Battle Creek Art Center, Blue Lakes Art Camp, and Kellogg Community College. I began studying the renaissance at the age of thirteen and it continues to fascinate me. After graduating high school I traveled to Italy. Seeing the art which means so much to me was an invaluable experience. I am continually studying on my own New sales and deals! Shop has spectacular "Tropical Birds" Original Artwork By Elizabeth Parker sales, specials, and deals. Hurry and obtain them before they're gone! Research well before getting on-line

"Tropical Birds" Original Artwork By Elizabeth Parker.

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"Tropical Birds" Original Artwork By Elizabeth Parker.

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