"Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones

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This is an original oil painting and charcoal, pastel drawing including gesso and pencil on high quality Bristol heavy weight textured vellum.After peeling down the entire onion of Karen Ann Jones, what I found was "Karen the painter." The same person I was when I was 5, but had forgotten. I never changed, I only left who I was for a while. I paint because that is who I am. Being my most authentic me is my true integrity.-My goal in my work is to express my optimistic, happy, in love with life, quirky, deep, intimate and passionate perspective of life.-My passion in what I paint is to express peoples feelings of freedom to be their true selves.I choose my painting by recreating a visual of the feelings I am having at that moment. I get to spend personal time with that passionate feeling that I long to experience. This is probably why I don't paint a painting in one day. I want to linger in that relationship.About the artist:I've been an artist my whole life. In 2010 I focused 100% of my career on my painting. My focus has almost exclusively been on the figure but I have occasionally painted cityscapes and dogs. I was born in Wisconsin and raised in Arizona. I have two brothers, one of them being my twin who is also an artist, but he's a 6 foot cowboy and lives in Texas. I'm a city girl but like contradictions so I also have a 1968 Airstream that likes to take a lot of trips around this country. I have the traveling bug and have been to every state This deal is going fast! "Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing "Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones price over the online source. You have to make sure you are dealing with the most reliable shop or store before buying ""Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones" Research well before getting on-line "Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones. Make sure the client support is often there to assist you once you place

"Morning" Original Artwork By Karen Jones

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