2-Piece Sectional With Stripes Pillows Taupe Gray

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Best price 2-Piece Sectional With Stripes Pillows, Taupe Gray

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This 2 pieces sectional sofa can be a great addition in the interior of any living space, this vibrant 2-piece sectional comprises one sofa and reversible chaise. The low back support features a tri-bar accent tufting with vertical stripped accent pillows. You can adorn this in any interior for comfortable and stylish sitting.Does not include any featured product other than one sofa and one chaise with pillows.Reversible Chaise: 67" x 36" x 35"HSofa: 67" x 36" x 35"HIncludes: One Sofa and one reversible chaise (pillows included) Find great prices on 2-Piece Sectional With Stripes Pillows Taupe Gray along with other 2-Piece Sectional With Stripes Pillows Taupe Gray deals on Shop. You have to make sure you will get the best price by comparing

2-Piece Sectional With Stripes Pillows Taupe Gray

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